Binh Thuan is in the South, located in the area affected by economic aspect. The potential problems of traffic safety become a major issue of province. Facing this situation, Transportation Department of Binh Thuan agreed and selected Silver Sea Joint Stock Company as one of the companies specializing in providing technology applications, including surveillance solutions to minimize urban traffic accident. CCTV system is responsible for monitoring and handling violations in any situation. Each camera has the function of integrating software on speeding violation, red light violation, etc. camera system scan image automatically, software will work to handle storage and notify for  monitoring center.

This is a surveillance camera system that detects traffic violations by camera. It is installed at 10 locations on routes. There are four locations for detecting speed violation at Vo Van Kiet Street, Hung Vuong Street and 6 locations for detecting violation of traffic lights signal at Tran Hung Dao – Thu Khoa Huan, Tran Hung Dao – Cao Thang, Thu Khoa Huan – Ton Duc Thang

Technical staff of Sea Silver is conducting construction and installation of system

Traffic surveillance camera system has been deployed at Vo Van Kiet Street – TP. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province

SMT01 system provides a clear and accurate violation evidences to help functional departments ensure traffic security and safety in Phan Thiet city of Binh Thuan. The system will be officially operational at the end of October 2018

Video phóng sự trên BTV – Truyền hình Bình Thuận

Besides the benefits of ensuring security, raising awareness and responsibility of traffic controllers and reducing pressure on police, installing camera systems also has another essential benefit in providing valuable data to help funtional departments quickly investigate accidents, theft, and robbery. When see CCTV system, participant will be wary, thereby controlling some of violation acts — helping people to improve their awareness and responsibility when they drive on the traffic. It is also the desire of Silver Sea to contribute into the building of traffic safety and social security.

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