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 Supermarket security system is built with the purpose of preventing the loss of goods because of the customers and employees,… at the store. As the unit transferring and applying technology into practice, Silver Sea has cooperated with many reputable company all over the world to choose the best products with high technology, optimal support for retail business to bring investment efficiency to managers.


The gate will be in charge of transmitting – receiving signals and creating a detection aera at the position of the gate (usually about 1.5 – 2m). When a product is taged that has not been demagnetized or disassembled but passes through this area, it will create sensors that disturb the reception – signaling process, from which there will be a warning via lights, horns…

The main components that make up the system include :

  • Magnetic gate
  • Magnetic tag
  • Magnetic removal device

Currently, there are 3 main technologies in use:

  • AM waves (Acoustic )
  • RF waves (Radio)
  • EM waves (Electro)

Type of magnetic gates

  • Dual Antennas ( 1 transmitter antenna and 1 receiver antenna)
  • Single Antenna (1 antenna for both transmitter and receiver)
  • Hidden Antenna and other small, secret antenna.

Type of magnetic tags

There are two common types :

  • Hard Tag : The antennas are located in a hard shell, usually has a lock pin or pin to secure the wares. Disassembly by magnetic tag removal machine, after disassembly it can be reused many times, long lifespan. There are many types of tags suitable for goods such as : fashion, household goods.
  • Soft Tag : The antennas are thin rolled, combined with adhesive pads to stick to the surface of the product, are usually demagnetized and cannot be reused after demagnetization, with low lifespan. There are few types of soft tag, only suitable for books, notebooks, cosmetics.

Disassembly and demagnetizing device for magnetic tags.

  • Remove the hard tag : place the cap (the part containing the chip) in the small hole on the machine, then pull out the tag or pull the key to remove it
  • Remove the soft tag: place the tag on the demagnetized table and slowly rub

Attention :

  • Hard tag should be placed on the position that will not cause the damages for the product as seams, edges, piercing, etc..
  • Soft tag should be placed on the flat surface, avoid the bottom, metal surface, leather, microwave oven product, etc..

With many advantages in technology and design, our supermarket security gate meets the requirements of security, management and aesthetics of major fashion brand. In addition to the essential features, the system also supports function to increase value for the customers such as supporting online connection, supporting remote system calibration and management, integration with face identity systems and support intelligent analytics functions such as person counting, providing data analytics useful for sales, marketing and store management.

To improve security system efficiency for supermarkets, we encourage customers to combine the installation of high-quality security gates with morden surveillance cameras to provide the most authentic and intuitive images.