Electronic Article Surveilance

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Electronic Article Surveillance System is a system to prevent loss of goods due to customers and employees in the store. Modern systems support smart features such as counting the number of visitors who come in and out.

3 main components:

  • Antenna
  • Hard Tag and soft label
  • Tag Detacher

3 main technologies used

  • AM Technology (Acoustic)
  • RF Technology (Radio)
  • EM Technology (Electro)

– Types of magnetic gates

  • Dual Antennas (1 transmitter antenna and 1 receiver antenna)
  • Single Antenna (1 antenna for both transmitter and receiver)
  • Hidden Antenna

Types of magnetic tags

2 most common types:

  • Hard tag is usually latches or pins which are fixed on the product. Allow to disassemble with Tag Detacher. They possess a long life time and can be reused many times. This kind of tags is suitable for many products such as fashion items, household goods, etc.
  • Soft Label: the tags are rolled and are combined with adhesive pads to paste onto the product surface. They have a short life time and are often demagnetized and not reusable after demagnetization. It is suitable with few products such as books, notebooks, cosmetics, etc.

– Principle of operation

The antenna will transmit and receive signals. Then, it creates a detection area where the antennas are installed (usually about 1.5-2m). When the product cross the antenna, the alarm will ring (via lights, horns, etc.) if the customer did not pay or if the tags was not removed.

– Equipment to remove and demagnetize the tags – Tag Detacher

  • Remove the hard tag: place the cap (the part containing the chip in the small hole on the machine), then pull out the tag or pull the key to remove it.
  • Remove the soft label: place the tag on the demagnetized table and slowly rub

– Note

  • Hard tag must be fixed to a location which will not cause damages on the product (seams, edges, piercing, etc.)
  • Soft label should be attached to a flat surface. It is necessary to avoid the bottom, metal surfaces, leather, microwave oven product, etc.