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Nowadays, when it comes to security systems, most people will immediately think of surveillance camera system. However, using only the surveillance camera system will not ensure security at the facility to be controlled. Therefore, the alarm system will be the optimal choice to improve the effectiveness of security surveillance.

The alarm system includes electronic devices : sensors ( magnetic touch, fence sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor,…), peripheral devices (lights, sirens, …) are connect to the central processor. Central processor is installed to receive signals from the transmitting detectors and transmit alarm information to the users.

Benefits of the alarm system :

  • Warning of intruders from outside thanks to sensor system (magnetic touch, fence sensor, motion sensor)
  • Warning when a fire, or smoke occurs thanks to smoke sensors, heat sensors.
  • Automatically connect to pre-set phone number in case of emergency, for timely support.


a. Alarm central : Responsible for receiving and processing alarm signals from sensors located at defined positions. Provide warnings of intruder breaking into identified areas by horns, flashing lights. Some high – end centers allow connection to the Internet, phone SIM to alert users via : email, phone, message,…

b. Sensor heads : including different types of sensors such as magnetic touch, fence sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor, smoke sensor. Sensors are responsible for collecting and recognizing intrusion, fire and explosion at the installation locations and transmitting warning signals to the alarm center.

c. Peripheral systems : horns, flashing light give instant warning at place.

Silver Sea Join Stock Company – The official distributor of Optex – Japan in Vietnam, with more than 39 years of experience in researching , developing and manufacturing of various types of sensors and security warning system, Genio Wireless Alarm System has been successfully researched and developed on different types of sensors with many outstanding features. Genio System is designed and researched to minimize the current weaknesses of wireless alarm systems. Genio’s capabilities include :

  • Connect up to 40 wireless devices. Integrated two 12VDC supply terminals for peripheral devices such as horns, flashing lights
  • The ability to connect indoors up to 200m, across 6 floors and up to 500m when there is no obstruction.
  • Provide early warning to prevent bad guys and quick handling when the bad situation occurs.
  • Battery use is unaffected by power failure
  • Built-in IP module allows easy connection and management system via Internet flatform. With just a smart phone, customers can easily connect, turn on/off the alarm system remotely
  • Battery life for the sensors is 3-5 years. Low battery warning function on center for user.

Wireless sensor is designed to minimize false alarms from the outside environment as well as pets. Some sensors have built-in cameras that allow capturing photos of the event so that users can confirm the event via email, mobile apps

  • As a wireless system, it is easy to install and operate the system.
  • Designed with high stability and security.
  • Allow management of multiple alarm centers through centralized CMS security management software.

With these outstanding and preeminent features, Genio wireless alarm system is a suitable choice in upgrading security system. Combining with surveillance camera system will help users feel secure that their security system always active anytime, anywhere.


Sensor installation positions


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