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1. Introduction urban monitoring solution

Along with the socio-economic development, there are more and more large, modern and crowded urban areas with diverse population classes living together. That development has also led to the need for a surveillance system, which can help ensure a safer, more civilized life for residents living in urban areas.

With 20 years of experience in the field of security and surveillance, Silver Sea has designed and constructed many large projects, typically the overall monitoring project for Ciputra urban area – one of the large urban areas. and top class in Vietnam.

2. System principle diagram

System included:

  • The camera surveillance system is installed at important locations in the urban area, PTZ cameras are additionally arranged at the junctions and the entrance, exit gates of the urban area.
  • Camera system recognizes license plates, license plates are recognize and allowed to store the time entry and exit of all vehicles including cars and motorbikes, day and night.
  • System ​​warning speed of vehiles are travelling on the road.
  • System server store and analyze smart image, allow record 24/7 continuously and detect any unauthorize behavior possible.
  • System matrix and wall display permit display image and warning from all cameras in the system
  • System host exploiting data, allowing to review and extract images from any camera in the system, filter search for license plates, control cameras scan and rotate, etc.
  • System backup power
  • Camera system monitor the entire elevator in the urban area using wide-angle IP camera with high resolution that allows to see clearly the face of people entering / exiting the elevator and pressing the floor to indicate the location
  • Smart parking system – SPM connects management cards.

Urban monitoring center

The camera system allows clear, sharp, detailed, continuous observation day and night

System measure and warn speed of vehicles traveling on the road

The camera system recognize license plates and barriers is installed at the entrance and exit gates of the urban area

Smart parking – SPM is installed for the whole area using the connection of card management of the parking lot to the front desk of each building to aggregate monthly management fees.

Recognize license plates of all vehicles travelling on the road

The license plates of the vehicles are displayed directly on the monitoring screen at the center, playing a warning sound when the vehicle is detected in the black list.

After the success of the Ciputra urban security system project and receiving positive feedback from the investor, Silver Sea continues to constantly research to come up with optimal features to ensure absolute security for customers. urban area. In addition to the systems mentioned above, Silver Sea also provides many other smart solutions such as outdoor alarm systems, smart doorbell solutions, facial recognition that stores resident data, etc. to bring the perfect “living space” to urban areas.