Giải pháp giám sát từ xa

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Firms, which possess a chain of branches, shops, offices, factories and are located in different place, often need an overall monitoring system. This system allows to centralize management of CCTV, intrude alarm in many locations for safety and improve the customer service quality.

Possessing a long experience in the field of surveillance security, Silver Sea has designed and implemented many chain of stores and branches for many units operating in the whole territory of Vietnam: MSB Bank Truemart, VNPOST, May 10 Corporation, …

Diagram presenting the principles of the solution:

The overall remote monitoring system includes CCTV system combine with alarm center system.

  1. Surveillance camera system

At branches, transaction offices, shops:

  • Install cameras and recorders
  • If it is necessary, the system allows to direct viewing and recording stored in transaction offices and branches.
  • Connecting to the alarm system. In this case, then the alarm goes away, there will be an audible warning at the transaction room. A signal will be send to the central software.

At the monitoring center:

  • Allow to manage all status of recorder’s connection in the transaction office, branch to the center.
  • Allows to manage connection status between recorder and camera.
  • Monitor the recording state of the camera, if it is necessary.
  • Keep track of hard disk status and space.
  • Allow to view images directly in the transaction offices.
  • When an alarm occurs, the system allow to take pictures of images at the time when an alarm occurs. When double-clicking the image, it allows to see directly the view.
  • An access allowed to reports on alert events and connection status is it is necessary.
  1. The alarm system

At branches, transaction offices, shops:

  • The alarm system includes control center and sensors, total of sensors according to the actual needs. Moreover, it includes, a whistle-executing equipment to notify when an alarm occurs.
  • Sensors include a SOS button, a smoke alarm, an infrared sensor, a submerged sensor and an anti-vibration. Sensors will always remain active even if there is no alarm. The infrared sensor will have an impact only when there is an alarm.
  • When the sensors are impacted, the alarm center will control the horn in the transaction room. The aim is to notify and send signals to the center.

At the monitoring center:

  • Manage the connection status of all alarm centers in transaction offices and branches.
  • Manage the status of alarm (on / off), the alarm occurrence of all alarm centers and the functioning status of sensors.
  • Allow to turn on and off the alarm in the center.
  • Allow access to reports if it necessary.
  • Send automatically emails to remind transaction office that the alarm has not been turned on until now.

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple cameras at different locations across the country

Warning with pictures from the cameras

Monitor the operation status of the entire system: connection / disconnection, recording / stopping recording, number of days of storage, uptime, etc.