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Ensuring traffic safety in the area is currently being prioritized by managers of urban areas, industrial parks and factories because of the practical benefits that the system brings. Not only helps vehicle drivers easily perceive their traffic speed, thereby adjusting it in acord with the system also support statistic on the number of vehicles enter and leave, vehicle traffic at any time, moving speed, etc., attached with the driver’s image and vehicle license plate to serve security control activities as well as verify events when needed. In addition, the information obtained through this system will be the basis of analysis to have the most effective recommendations for safe traffic problems in the area.

The solution of license plate recognition, speed warning in industrial parks and urban areas developed by Silver Sea JSC (Joint Stock Company) with vehicle management software SPM-VT has been applied in many units such as: Urban areas Ciputra market, Vinh Phuc Honda Factory, Huu Nghi International Border Gate, Yazaki Quang Ninh factory, etc.

System diagram

The system includes:

  • LED display panel.
  • Technical cabinets.
  • Speed ​​signal radar
  • LIcense plate recognition camera
  • Management software SPM-VT


  • Change the behavior of vehicle drivers: Visual stimulation and psychological impact when the current speed warning will become a danger to themselves and people around, the driver will tend to direction to decelerate immediately. It is a warning, not a repressive solution.
  • This is a tangible, intuitive, proven solution that gives a positive reputation and image among residents in the installation areas, the average reduction rate is recorded from 10%-25% and guaranteed for a long time. The recorded data on vehicle speed, vehicle traffic enter and leave of the area, traffic accidents, etc. are useful for research, reporting and analysis on road safety.
  • Optimal efficiency: Not only saving costs but also supporting statistic and road safety analysis when the speed radar is designed to be mounted on any available rack such as: light poles, signs, etc. The system uses electricity or solar energy, so the installation cost is extremely small, the investment cost is especially competitive compared to other solutions.


  • Ability to analysis speed by image with high accurate rate.
  • Support giving warning signals by software (lights, sirens…).
  • Determine the speed limit vehicles can travel in the area.
  • Statistics of vehicles drive over speed, give notice of maximum speed when the vehicle moves in that area.
  • Automatically capture and recognize license plates when exceeding the allowed speed.
  • Using identification technology with high accuracy (95%) and fast identification time (50-100 milliseconds) to make identification fast, easy and accurate, minimizing frauds. .
  • Fully identify the characters on the license plate of all motor vehicles in Vietnam: white plate, blue plate, red plate, yellow plate, diplomatic plate, etc.
  • Optimum search and statistical reporting mechanism in comparing the license plates identified from the camera with the license plates stored in the list. This mechanism makes the license plate recognition accuracy up to 99%.

Reality image

With this solution, vehicle drivers in industrial parks and urban areas can be immediately alerted to speed-limited sections of the road, areas with high-speed-related accident risks such as high-speed areas. in crowded areas, intersections, near factory gates, pedestrian areas, etc. to adjust the speed of movement appropriately. From identify the exact position, the system will warn the driver through images and sounds to ensure control of own speed as well as contribute to ensuring traffic safety in the area.