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Silver Sea provides Video door phone system, meeting all customer needs. For visitors, just press a single key, the person in the house will see the image of the visitor before connecting the machine and opening the door for guests to enter, ensuring the initiative and safety of the host.

The system is capable of expanding into a smart home system, integrating and remotely controlling electrical systems in an apartment, villa or building to control electricity, water, air conditioning, curtains, fans… gives households a comfortable, safe and modern life.


a. The following diagram presents the principle of basic video door phone system for private houses and villas:

b. The system includes:

  • Cameras are installed at the gate or in front of the house. Cameras can connect to the electric lock of the door to be able to control the door opening when necessary.
  • Screens are installed in the living room or bedroom.

c. Functioning:

  • Visitors to the house press on the bell button on the camera
  • The owner observes the visitor’s image through the screen
  • If you need to talk to a visitor, press the talk button. Guests and homeowners can talk directly to each other.
  • If you want to invite guests to come in, you can press the button to open the door.
  • Multiple cameras can be installed with one screen (with multiple ports) or one camera with multiple screens can be installed (applicable to houses with one door and multiple rooms). You can also combine multiple cameras with many screens.

d. Diagram presenting the principle of video door phone system for private houses or villas with two gates and two bedrooms:


a. Diagram presenting the principles of video door phone system for buildings and apartments:

The system includes:

  • Cameras are installed in the lobby of the building (lobby phone). (Lobby phone is connected to the electric lock of the lobby. Wanting to go to an apartment in the building must pass by the lobby door)
  • Camera (optional) and screen for each apartment
  • Workstation located in the protection room (optional)


  • Visitors to the building use the lobby camera (lobby phone), press the number key corresponding to each apartment.
  • The owner sees the image and talks to the guest via the screen located in the apartment, deciding whether to invite guests or not.
  • If you want to invite guests to the apartment, the owner of the apartment presses the button to open the door of the hall.
  • When the guests come to the apartment, press the button in the apartment’s camera to call, the landlord presses the key on the screen to open the door.
  • When the owner enters or leaves the building, a password or magnetic card can be used to unlock the lobby door.
  • The owner can call the security office to request services or can text to send announcements.

Main features:

  • The system can be applied to apartments to 450 apartments maximum
  • 4-6 lobby phone.
  • Lobby phone with luxurious design, touch keys, and backlight lights glowing at night. The camera can adjust the angle.
  • Control open the door from lobby phone thanks to a passcode or a magnetic card.
  • The system can be connected to the monitoring software to determine who opens the lobby door and takes a photo when someone enters and exits the lobby.

Video door phone system not only have the benefit of protecting property and people’s lives, but also bring a luxurious, comfortable and modern style to your home. The high-end wireless doorbells, delicate design will definitely be a highlight that any visitor will be impressed with your living space.