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SPM is a parking management solution of Silver Sea Joint Stock Company developed with the aim of improving the efficiency and reliability of current parking lots. Using a combination of magnetic card and surveillance camera, the system allows to record tickets, control vehicles quickly and accurately with full information such as: ticket number, license plates, photo of vehicle, photo of the drivers, etc… Besides, the system also provides software tools to help managers easily operate the parking lots, reports on vehicles enter and out, reports revenue, …to grasp capture the operation of the parking lots to avoid loss…

Awards achieved : Sao Khue 2011, Vifotec Science and Technology Innovation Award 2011…


a. Systems included :

  • Camera to take pictures of license plates
  • Camera to take pictures of the drivers
  • Card reader
  • Barrier + Loop Detector (optional)
  • DVR card ( for camera analog)
  • Computer installed the Smart Parking Management
  • Printer (optional)
  • UPS

b. Operating principle

  • Entrance

The staff takes 01 card and swipes it in the card reader and delivers it to the customer. Then the software will take photos of license plate and vehicle owner. The license plate will be identified in the form of text, combined with information about the card: entry date, time, image of the owner, … will form an electronic ticket and save it to the database on the computer.

  • Exit

The staff will take back the customer’s card and swipe it on the card reader. The software will take photos of license plate, vehicle owner photo and identify license plate. The license plate will be automatically compared with the license plate at the time of entry to check the validity. If it is wrong, it will send a warning signal to the parking staff, if it is correct, the software will display the amount of money the customer must pay. The payable amount can be calculated by the hour or by the predetermined value on the card. The system can be used in conjunction with barier for vehicle entry / exit.


All-in-one integration

SPM is designed in accordance with the characteristics of the number plate of motor vehicles in Vietnam, so it is possible to identify the license plates of all types of cars and motorbikes including: private car (white plates ), Military vehicle (red plates), company’s vehicle (blue plates) and other special vehicles such as foreign vehicles, embassy vehicles, diplomatic vehicles, international organization

The ability to quickly, accurately and fully identify the characters of the license plate makes it easy and fast to park/pick up the vehicle.

  • Identification time < 100 milliseconds
  • Accuracy >95% in clear picture conditions
  • Identify all of the characters on the license plate

Can be used with many cameras of many different manufacturers

  • Use IP camera with HD resolution, full HD
  • Supports cameras of many different manufactures : Panasonic, Dmax, Sony, Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, , Lilin, Messoa, Vivotek, Shanny, Tiandy, ONVIF, PSIA
  • Can be used with analog cameras via DVR card or video recorder
  • Integrate new camera type as required.

Can be used with many different card readers

  • Supports card readers of many different manufactures : Soyal (AR721H, AR725E,…); IDTECK (ICON100, 505R,…), RFID Reader (China), FingerTec, Ronal Jack, ZKTeco, SAP…
  • Can be used with IDTECK long range RF245 card reader
  • Can be used with automatic card dispensers
  • Integrate new card reader type as required.

Integration with other devices

  • Barrier – use to open and close the gate
  • Loop Detector – Magnetic loop use to detect vehicles and automatically close barrier when vehicles pass
  • Printer – use to print the parking bill
  • LED panel display the amount of money, indicating the number of available parking spaces
  • UPS – use in the case of the power failure

Manage multiple lanes simultaneously on one computer

  • Four lanes can be managed simultaneously on one computer
  • The number of lanes and vehicle in/out direction can be set on the software
  • Allows to switch interfaces to match the parking display
  • Has function of reversing lanes
  • Unlimited number of lanes per system

Card Management

  • Sort cards by car, motorbikes, bicycles, VIP cards, subscription car card (monthly ticket), current passenger vehicles (one-way ticket), free vehicles card, promotional vehicles card, vehicles card with face value permanent.
  • Each card contains the card number printed on the card and the identification number (Card ID) mounted on the card’s chip.
  • Register multiple cards simultaneously by swiping consecutively on the card reader
  • Card registration from lane control computers or management computers
  • Allow to lock the lost card and warns when the lost card is used again to take out the vehicle.

Fee Management

  • Can choose different methods of calculating parking fee : charge turn-by-turn, time-block, day-night, per-card value, vehicle type
  • Can combine many methods of parking fee : day by time block, night by turn, free day time, night only, progressive block
  • Management the collection and renewal of rental cars from the computers in the lane or from the management computer
  • Notice of fee collection deadline and warning cases of not paying fees, registration expiration.


  • Take picture of the vehicle, drivers ( or panorama) when the security guard (for the one-way ticket) or the customers (for monthly ticket) swipe the card at the reader
  • Take picture of the vehicle, drivers (or panorama) when detecting the vehicle with the long-range card reader.
  • Automatically take picture and confirm for the vehicle entry and exit of the contract car without the driver’s card
  • The license plate is automatically recognized by the software from the camera and give the results in TEXT format
  • Information of license plate and access time are automatically saved in the database with the photos taken by the camera.
  • When the vehicle exit, display the photos of the car, the photo of the driver at the time of entry,… together with the photos of the car, the photo of the driver at the time of departure for easy comparison.
  • Vehicle information is also displayed on the screen.
  • Automatically comparison the entry and exit license plate and give warning on the screen or through the siren
  • Warning in cases the card in the list is lost, the license plate is identical, the card has been used to park another vehicle, the license plate is not the same as the subscription plate..
  • Display the parking time and the amount payable on the screen or on the LED display broad.
  • In the case of need, print the bill of deposit payment

 Camera Recording

  • The camera is continuously recorded 24/7 to get data to confront when needed
  • Recorded data can be viewed locally or remotely via LAN, Internet

Barrier Control

  • Barrier is opened when security guards or software confirm that the vehicle is allowed to leave (collected money, duplicated license plate,…)
  • Automatically open the barrier for VIP’s card,…
  • Barrier automatically closes as the vehicle move through (use with Loop Detector)

Manage exceptions and warnings

  • All cases of controlling the barrier opening manually or from the software to let the vehicle pass are recorded by software with photos taken at the time of the event.
  • Warning directly on the screen and through speakers, horns, lights, … in case it is detected that the card is not registered in the system, the lost card is reused, the card is locked, the license plate is not the same when entry/exit, the card has been used for another vehicle, the license plate is the same with one vehicle in transit, subscription expiration.


  • Report the list of vehicles entry/exit with full of information about the license plates, time, photos, optionally filtered reports by license plate or by time, lanes.
  • Statistics of vehicles enter and exit by times and lanes.
  • Statistics the list of vehicle parking
  • Report sales by direct shift of employees or by day, month, year, … and classified by vehicle type.
  • Optional report templates and report types according to customer requirements

Data storage and synchronization

  • Data can be stored simultaneously on computers located in lanes and database servers, backup machines
  • In case one of the computers at the lanes or the server have problem, it is easy to switch to backup machines and ensure the system can function properly

Remote Monitoring

  • The list of vehicles enter and exit, the list of vehicles that are still in the parking lot,… and detailed information about license plates, time, photos, revenue reports… can be accessed via LAN or the Internet browsing the web like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,…
  • Management software is available to manage and track reports and exceptions as well as handle the renewal of monthly tickets without having to do it on the operating computers in the lanes.
  • Monitor the system through live images from the camera, review the recorded data.

Centralized and expanded Management

  • Allowed to centralized management the system on a single software or web browser
  • Can be expanded and integrated with other systems and software such as Dormitory Management Software, Building Management System, Parking Station Dispatch Software, Cargo Management Software at border gate.


a. Software interface when the vehicle enters

b. Software interface when the vehicle exit

c. Software interface one lane in and one line out

 “Safety – Convenience – Transparency – Economy – Professionalism – Flexibility” are the factors that make up SPM – Smart Parking Solution of SilverSea. SPM solvers all the shortcomings of using a traditional parking. SPM meets the management needs for a wide range of parking models from simple to complex. The system provides a full range of reports on request and detailed information about parking activities anywhere, anytime via the Internet. With many advantages in management and operation, SPM has ben installed for a series of large-scale parking lots across the country such as : Hanoi Deawoo Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ciputra Urban Area, Ecopark, Vincom, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Hanoi Children’s Hospital, Security Academy, University of Commerce,etc.. In addition, SilverSea also deploy surveillance camera systems. Alarm systems to ensure excellent security for current parking lot.