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Introduction about general warehouse monitoring security system

In general surveillance security solutions, the warehouse monitoring system has requirements for ensuring security and safety with its own characteristics. Especially important warehouses such as military arsenals or warehouses of large companies and corporations.

The system not only provides visual surveillance, but also able to provide in advance warning of possible security and safety risks, and can also set up multiple layers of protection from the outside to inside.

Warehouse monitoring system principle diagram


Camera monitoring system:

  • Outdoor zoom camera
  • Outdoor mounting body type camera
  • Hemispheric camera or body mounted in a warehouse
  • When conditions permited, it is possible to equip thermal cameras for the best monitoring effect at night or in 100% dark warehouses.

Sensor system:

  • Fiber-optic sensors operate on the principle of vibration detection mounted on steel rows or buried underground… can be applied to fence areas.
  • Outdoor beam, curtain-scan laser sensor for fenced areas or outside of warehouses.
  • Specialized sensors for the window area, the space area inside the warehouse

Check-in system:

  • Card reader, fingerprint, facial recognition, eye recognition
  • Metal detection port, check people passing through the gate
  • Vehicle check-in system, identification license plate
  • Use for check in at the area of ​​important security in the warehouse or entrance area.

Central monitoring system

  • Display online images from surveillance cameras, status of sensors, vehicles in and out, door access events, etc.
  • Automatically detect and warn of possible abnormal behavior
  • Save data for a long period of time (from 6 months to 1 year)
  • Decentralize and provide monitoring capabilities for other units such as shipping units, warehouse renters, customs, etc.
  • Concentrate management of many warehouses at the monitoring center.

The monitoring center of a warehouse with screens showing camera images and intrusion alarms.

The cameras monitor the outside area and the fence of the warehouse.

The fence camera in the area outside the warehouse is set up with intelligent image analysis (IVS) modes to help in advance warning of unauthorized intrusions.

Camera monitoring the area inside the warehouse.

The camera inside the warehouse is optimized for the viewing area to accommodate the long and narrow aisles between the shelves.

The software controls all means of entering and leaving the warehouse to pick up and return goods

With Silver Sea’s warehouse surveillance camera system, it will bring great benefits in terms of economy and society thanks to the prevention of unexpected cases, supporting the user unit to proactively deal with any problems quickly. situations, prevent negative behavior and ensure absolute security.