Weighing Station Management Solution

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Diagram presenting the principles of the system

The system includes:

  • Weighing table, weighing indicator, LED board showing the weigh (available equipment in the weighing station)
  • Camera for photographing the number plate in front, the number plate of the car and the camera taking a panoramic picture of the weighing station, camera taking picture of weighing station (optional)
  • Software installed on the computer for weighing station management. It uses a camera with an identification software of automatic number plate – SCM
  • Printer
  • Vehicle position sensors, red/green lights signal, card readers, etc. (optional)

Image: The software interface uses camera and automatic number plate recognition

Main features

Use with various kinds of weighing control panel:

  • Support for all types of weighing control panels: Toledo, Kingbird, CAS, Avery Weight Tronix, Fine, Keli, Sewha, Bongshin etc.
  • Integrate any type of weighing control panel when required

Images: SCM software can connect different types of weighing control panel

Integrating many different types of cameras:

  • Use IP camera with HD, Full HD resolution
  • Support cameras of many different manufacturers: Panasonic, Dmax, Sony, Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Lilin, Messoa, Vivotek, Shanny etc.
  • Can be used with analog camera via DVR Card

Support many different weigh modes:

  • Package weigh, total weigh (1st weigh, 2nd weigh), service weigh, internal weigh etc.
  • Automatic scales. (It is optional when the vehicle is stationary on the scales table, cut the sensor, swipe the card).
  • Take weigh from control panel and display it on the screen directly in real time.

Take photos & identify number plates:

  • Automatically capture 3 photos: photo of number plate in front of, number plate behind, panorama after each weighing.
  • Take driver photos (optional).
  • License plates are automatically identified by the software from the camera and produce results in a form of TEXT.
  • Camera is recorded continuously 24h/24h and every day for purpose of controlling data when it is necessary.

Other auxiliary information:

  • Information about customers, kinds of products can be manually entered by hand or automatically displayed based on information about license plate.
  • Option to automatically receive package weigh for internal weighing cases
  • Option to automatically receive the 2nd weigh if 1st weigh has been done, input/output weigh for purpose to calculate the volume of good.
  • Additional features can be added according to usage requirements.

Print weigh ticket:

  • Weigh ticket are printed directly from the software, in addition to customer information, volume and types of goods, the license plate images etc.
  • Optional weigh ticket form according to customer requirements.

Image: A weight card form with a picture of a license plate

Weigh station reporting forms:

  • List of 1st weight car, the list of 2nd weight car, general report, …
  • Filter reports for car according to the customer code, the license plate, the product category or the time.
  • Detailed information of each weigh including photos from the camera as a reference
  • Customize report forms and report types according to customer requirements

Remote monitoring and centralized management:

  • Export all types of weighing station reports, detailed information of each weigh via LAN or internet and via web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Fire Fox, etc.
  • Monitor operations of software staff at weighing stations
  • Monitor operation of weighing stations through images directly from the camera. It aims to review the recorded data.
  • Allows centralized management of weighing stations on a sole software or web browser

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Some other expansion options:

  • Integrate the magnetic card reader or fingerprint reader to control open barrier for car into weigh or permit to weigh
  • Integrate sensor to detect car on weigh tables and automatically weigh
  • Integrate light signals (green, red) to notify the car is weighing or weighed

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