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One of the expansion solutions successfully researched and developed by Silver Sea is the smart weighing station management solution – SCM. SCM uses surveillance cameras and automatic license plate recognition technology that allows to “Identify the total weight” of the vehicle and “Print out the weight sheet” with images from surveillance cameras.

SCM is operated by vehicle position sensors, barriers, card readers, etc., combined with surveillance cameras to create a transparent vehicle weighing system, avoiding frauds and operating fully automatically. With the ability to monitor and control remote operations, report images taken from the camera on the data linked to accounting software, business management, parking management, etc., allowing the creation of a system with closed management and optimal for businesses.


The system includes:

  • Weighing platform, weighing indicator, LED panel displaying the weight (available equipment of the weighing station)
  • Camera to take pictures of front and rear license plates of cars and cameras to take pictures of the whole weighing station, camera to take pictures of the weighing room (optional)
  • Computer installs Weighing Station Management software using camera and automatic license plate recognition SCM
  • Printer
  • Vehicle position sensors, red and green signal lights, card readers, …(optional)

Weighing software interface using camera and automatic license plate recognition


Can be used with different types of weighing indicators:

  • Supports Meter Toledo, Kingbird, CAS, Avery Weight Tronix, Fine, Keli, Sewha weighing indicators
  • Bongshin….
  • Integrate any type of indicators when required

SCM software can connect many different types of weighing indicators

Integrate different types of cameras:

  • Using IP camera with HD resolution, FullHD
  • Support cameras of many different manufacturers: Panasonic, Dmax, Sony, Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Lilin, Messoa, Vivotek, Shanny….
  • Can be used with Analog cameras via DVR Card

Supports various weighing modes:

  • Tare weighing, total weighing (1st weighing, 2nd weighing), service weighing, internal weighing…
  • Automatic weighing (optional when the vehicle is stationary on the scale, cut the sensor, swipe the card)
  • Get the weight directly from the weighing indicator and display it on the screen in real time

Take photos & recognize license plates:

  • Automatically capture 3 photos at the same time: front license plate photo, rear license plate photo, panorama image after each weighing
  • Driving photos (optional)
  • The license plate is automatically recognized by the software from the camera image and outputs the result in the form of TEXT
  • Camera is continuously record 24/7 to get control data when needed

Other ancillary information:

  • Information about customers and goods types can enter manually or automatically display base on license plate information.
  • Option to automatically receive tare weights for internal weighing cases
  • Option to automatically receive the second weighing mode if you have weighed the first time, weighed in, weighed out and calculated the volume of goods, etc.
  • Can add features according to actual usage requirements.

Print weight note:

  • The weight note is print directly from the software, in addition to the information about the customer, the volume and type of goods, etc., there is also a photo of the license plate number of the vehicle.
  • Option of sample weight note according to customer’s request

Sample of the weight note with the image of the license plate printed on it

Weighing station report templates:

  • List of weighing vehicles for the first time, list of weighing vehicles for the second time, general reports, etc.
  • Filter vehicle reports by customer code, license plate, type of goods or by time.
  • Detailed information of each vehicle weighing including images taken from the camera for reference
  • Optional report templates and types of reports according to customer requirements

Remote monitoring and centralized management:

  • Retrieve all kinds of reports of weighing stations, detailed information of each vehicle weighing, etc. via LAN or internet through web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Fire Fox, etc.
  • Monitor the operation of software staff at the weighing station
  • Monitor the operation of the weighing station through real time images from the camera, review the recorded data
  • Allows centralized management of weighing stations on a single software or web browser

Retrieve weighing station reports through a web browser

Some other expansion options:

  • Integrated magnetic card reader or fingerprint reader to control the opening of the barrier for the vehicle to enter the scale or order the vehicle to be weighed
  • Integrated Built-in sensor to detect the vehicle on the scale and weigh it automatically
  • Integrated signal lights (green, red) to signal that the vehicle is weighing or has finished weighing